Helen’s Pizza, a family owned restaurant, has been serving Downtown Jersey City since 1968.

Using only the finest ingredients they provide customers with the best tasting pizza, dinners, sandwiches, salads…and now a wide selection of desserts!

The History of Helen’s Pizza

In June of 1963, Nicolas Kalcanides came to the United States from Greece with his wife, Irene, and two children, Steven & Helen. In August of 1968, after working for 5 years at his hot dog stand, Nicolas opened up Helen’s Pizza, naming it after his daughter. The entire family worked to keep the pizzeria growing. Helen’s Pizza quickly became known for it’s warm, friendly atmosphere and quality pizza for only $0.15 per slice.

In 1985, Helen’s Pizza was passed on to Nicolas’s son, Steven. In only 4 short years later, Steven renovated and expanded the pizzeria, giving it a more spacious and comfortable environment, along with an expanded menu of dinners, salads, sandwiches & desserts. He also incorporated computers in the restaurant to serve customers more quickly and efficiently. Steven & his wife, Maria, worked vigorously to serve every customer that came. Satisfied customers helped the family business to thrive.

As the business continued to grow, so did the Kalcanides family. Steven & Maria had three children, Nicolas, Irene, and Alexandra, who also joined in to help the family restaurant throughout the years.

Helen’s Pizza continues to offer quality food, but unfortunately can’t still offer $0.15 slices!


Mon – Sat 11AM-11PM
Sun 12PM – 11PM


183 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07302